Monday, November 12, 2012

Cute Nails Tutorials: Kawaii Pink Smiley Face

What you will need: 

Nail Lacquers: Hot pinkLight pinkWhiteBlack 
Base coat + Top coat

Step 1: Apply light pink on tip of the nail (you probably cannot see the light pink in this pix). Apply hot pink stripes on top of light pink. 

Step 2: Apply white lacquer on the rest of the nail beds.

 Step 3: Use black Nail Art (thinner brush) to draw the 2 eyes and a smiley on each nail (see pic)

 Step 4: Use the same hot pink color to paint on the "blushing"

Step 5: Apply top coat!!

Have fun girlies!! I hope you all enjoy this tutorial!!
It's time for my Vietnamese dessert: Longan with Lotus Seed filling tea. yummie ^^

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