Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to look EXPENSIVE ♡

Hi ~, how's everyone doing?

This post is going to be a long one and I dedicated it especially for my beautiful ladies. Just some tips I want to share with you to enhance your look,  to make yourself look "classier", to enhance your appearance as well as boost up your confidence. "Carry yourself like a queen, and you'll attract a king." 
I am not going to tell you to go buy expensive clothes. You don't need to. Again, it's all about the style, not brands. If you're rich, you're sexy! If you're not rich, you're still sexy! 

First of all, I'm going to talk about your hair. Don't you know that hair plays a very important of the overall appearance. So, what do you think expensive/attractive hair would look like? Ask our guy friends what do they like. Expensive hair is the kinda of hair that you would want to touch it when you see it, it's Volume, it's Luxurious, it's Shine, it's celebrities-on-the-red-carpet hair. All you need is good maintenance and a good blow-dry. In contrast, "cheap" hair would be dry, greasy, dirty and full of split ends!

Some expensive looking hair styles that I gathered from the Internet:

Simple updos. Either it's a sleek or a natural 5 mins hair buns. :)

Ponytails: classic ponytails & sleek ponytails, red carpet ponytail vs. everyday ponytail.

Length "DON'T" matter. You can have expensive hair, regardless of its length & texture (wavy, curly, straight, long, medium, short bob.)
What about hair colors? Why do you think Asian has dark brown hair and why do Americans has lighter color hair? We were born that way for a reason and that reason is our hair colors go well with our face features as well as our skin colors. So, expensive hair is your natural hair. But if you'd like to dye your hair for a change, no problem. How about switching colors between hot and cold seasons? Not a big deal. Just remember, stay close to your natural color. For example, Asian should not dye your hair blonde and blondes should never dye theirs black. Period. I'm not saying you're going to look ugly by doing so, though. (just to justify myself here.) It's really nasty to see girls who dyed their hair blonde and did not maintain it, leaving the roots to grow out all black and gross! Oh, and don't dye your hair with all those cartoonie-ish colors aka blue, yellow, pink (I wanted to wear that color before, never had that courage!), green, orange....! Only 1 out of 100 people can really pull off those colors and please tell yourself you're not them. (lets play it safe! You don't believe me? TRY to do it, I wish you luck and honestly wish that you are that 1 in a 100 person.)

Lets take a look at the pic above and tell me which hair looks expensive?! There ya go, hope you got the idea. <3
Obviously, as you can see here! I tried (blonde hair, flashy makeup, unnatural eyebrows) and failed miserably! Ouch..!

Now lets move on to your skin. Expensive skin doesn't have to go together with expensive skin care and expensive makeup products. Expensive skin = clean skin, not oily (if yours is naturally oily there are products that help it), no blackheads, no zits, no breakouts, no sun damage, even toned. How to archive this? Drink a lot of water, eat veggies and fruits, cleanse your face twice a day, exfoliate and apply mask once a week, use moisturizer in the morning and at night, use sunblock, and eye serum.
For makeup, do not overdo it, makeup is to enhance your look, highlight all your beautiful features, not to hide your flaws. Remember less is more. You wanna look classy? Go for the natural look. Do your makeup so that when you're done and you look in the mirror, what you see is yourself, just better. You don't need high end products, drug stores cosmetics are just as good, except they're a lot cheaper. 

Next, lets talk about your nails. It's all about maintenance here, and your choice of colors. An old manicure will cheapen your nails, when your nails grow out and the polish chips off. Beware of that! How about nail shapes? What are classy nail shapes? Square with rounded corners for short nails, and round tips for longer nails. How about polish colors? French tips (duh!!), Nudes, Taupe/Beige/Grey, Reds, and deep/dark/rich colors such as Purple, Deep Blue, Dark emerald ...etc
I did some nails tutorials the other days, just so you know, those are just for fun! I consider them cute, but not expensive, & definitely not classy!!

Check out what I've picked out for you: 

To summarize whatever I wrote above, the key to look expensive is to be you, but better; to always stick to that saying "less is more". Luxe doesn't mean loud, and flashy is definitely trashy. When you're too flashy (dirty blonde hair, ugly highlights - I'm not against highlights only when they're ugly, dramatic eye makeup, makeup that looks like you're wearing a mask, too many accessories,...) , you might catch people's attention but they will only be thinking in their head "omg, look at that girl, she's trying too damn *effing hard." Aren't  that sad? 

Don't stuff yourself with head-to-toes brand names. Designer shoes? ok. Bag? ok. Sunglasses? ok... but when you already carry with yourself all of those above, please loose your designer-initial-belt, initial shirt, your initial pants, socks, strings, gstrings, bra straps,... To me it's just awful. It's a curse for some people with so much money but having such bad taste. And its also a curse for me to have such good taste but no money HAHA tsk tsk :))))) 

Looking expensive is not only about your physical appearance but also in your behavior, your attitude, how you present yourself. Always wear a smile and be confidence. Or at least, pretend that you're confident. Fake it until to make it. Just smile more, have good posture (walk and sit straight). Sometimes helping other people around you, open the door for people at the malls/restaurants,..etc small acts like that could help boost up your confidence and make you feel good about yourself. Try, and let me know if that works! 



  1. Can't disagree. Just an amazing post. You alomst covered everything. One can def look gorgeous in budget. Actually it is all about feeling good about one self.

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  2. I totaly agree with you!!
    To look, and feel good, we dont need to be 'expensive' but to know how to pick the right products/clothes.

    Thank you for the hints ;)

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  3. Such an amazing post Chichi :) its so informative and very well covered indeed. If one day i ever decide to publish magazine i will and first of all remember you Chichi haha have you ever think about "lam nha bao" just in this field, i am sure there will be lot of readers waiting to read your article every week. Wish you are in Melbourne or may be next year i will try travel to america instead of vietnam to give you a visit nha` ba'o chuyen nghiep Chichi haha