Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My skincare routine

Here's a quick post on my skin care routine: day-time & night-time. I have a combination skin type, meaning my t- area sometimes gets oily while the cheeks area is dry.

Cleansing products & face masks:

Lets start with face masks: I use mask once every other week even though i'm trying to you them once a week (it's getting there :)

Face masks:
- Deary vitamin C mask: this mask is made for both face and neck. I love it so much (check picture of me having my mask on below) ! It has a citrus smell and it leaves my skin super soft after 15 minutes. My favorite!
-Chocolate truffle mask: this one is a face mask. I bought this because of the name and the packaging. Beautiful package, somehow it made me think that the color of the mask would be brown and it would have some kind of a chocolate-y texture. But no, its just like any other face mask, except it has a sweet chocolate smell.

Make up remover: I use this "Biore Cleasing Sheets" every time I need to remove my makeup. Usually in the night time after I got home. 1 - 2 sheets/ night before classing my face with La Mer cleanser.

Face cleansers:
-La Mer cleanser: I use this after remove my make up in the night time or during bath time.
-Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser: I use this in the morning. This product was recommended by Pixi2woo on Youtube and introduced to me by my cousin from Australia. You don't need makeup remover if you use this product and it's a lot cheaper than the other brand that Im using, which is La Mer. I have a step-by-step instructions below.

-Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash: they say its okay for everyday use but I only use it once a week or once every 2 weeks with an exfoliating sponge. (pic #1) 

-Biore face & nose strips: I use this product to remove blackheads on my nose when needed.


-Day:  After washing my face --> La Mer Radiant Infusion (doesn't smell that great)--> La Mer Moisturizing Lotion (i like it, it's thinner than the cream, lighter texture that's why it's good for daytime wear) --> Vivant Joie UV essential base (omg, this is my all time favorite sunblock, I swear my skin doesn't like any other brand but this little thing, it block 99% of the UV rays.) La Mer mist is for use during a day when I'm out and my skin feels dehydrated. Just something to wake me up. 
 -Night: La Mer Brightening infusion intense (i kinda like the smell, doesn't leave your face sticky) --> La Mer Brightening essence intense (it's pretty similar to the infusion) --> La Mer The eye concentrate (been using it for a while but I don't see any help, yet! I will probably stop using this when I finish this jar) --> Creme de La Mer (this is the holy grail!!)

Links to the products I mentioned above: 

So, what is your current skin care routine? Any products that you're in love with? Leave me a comment below.

This is one of my favorite product during our Takashima shopping spree the other night even though it isn't for me - the infamous "Handsome Mask". Before leaving the store, my bf saw these on the counters and immediately grabbed 2 to try. Finally, we have a facial beauty mask created exclusively for men. What a name, this could be a great gift for your loved one (husband, brother, father, boyfriend or friend). Something they wouldn't mind to wear, hey, at the end it's a "handsome mask". 

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  1. Tks for ur blog so so much,,epspecially this post coz my skin is the same like u...and it is very happy to me when u tell me how can i get the Deary mask as well as the Liz earle cleanser as i am living in vietnam but Singapore or Bangkok i will go to this Dec...tks again