Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Plastic Surgery: My New Look! No Lakers. Boo to Time Warner!!

Which version of me do u like better? If your answer is "none" then why are you still here reading my blog? :) j/k it's okay continue your reading. If you answer "both" then thank you for being so so sweet and I love you to bits!! Ok, so what I've done to my face is what they called an asian eye surgery, a nose job, jaw reduction and a chin implant. Oh and I also got Restylane injected to my lips if you consider that a plastic surgery procedure, too.

HA HA I kid, I kid. I was just playing around. I'm sure you must feel cheated right now. Earlier while practicing my photo editing skills, plastic surgery popped up in my head so let's talk about it. Tell me what do you think about Cosmetic Surgery aka Plastic Surgery? To me, I don't think there's anything wrong with that. It is so popular nowadays and had become a big business in America as well as in Asia.

Human beings are born greedy by nature, irrespective of race or gender. That's why we always want to look better, not like theres anything wrong with that. Oh, but yet, don't forget our cosmetic surgeons are humans, TOO!! They are charging an arm and a leg for their works here in the US.  One of the reason why people are seeking overseas clinics. For us Asian, Korea is definitely the place to go to.  Even though, I do know people who go to Thailand, Philippines, China, and Malaysia for better deals. Korea is still a plastic heaven.
I've been doing a lot of research about this topic for a long time (I'm talking about a big number of years here), so if you have any questions about any of the procedures, or where should you go to have a nose job, an eye job, (.)(.) job,.. etc feel free to ask. I'll help you using all my knowledges. ^^ Just comment below or email me.

I just realized my "After Photo" lips look horrible, but I kinda like my new chin & jaw line though. Not everyone will be happy after plastic surgery. Some will even be traumatized, I've talked to them before and they had such awful experiences. My advice for you is only fix what's "broke". If you really can't stand it then have it fixed (whatever "it" is), do your research, talk to knowledgeable people, sleep on it for weeks, for years if needed. Thanks for reading & Good luck!  ;)


Anyways, I'm still very upset right now.
Could not watch the Lakers game earlier !!
Time Warner seriously SUCKS !!

Update: I received question about what i used for my face for this pic, so here we go:
* BB Diamond BB cream: if you don't know where to get it, go here to buy, under Face/BB cream section, they have great selection of eyelashes too. I have a picture of the bb cream in my "everyday makeup" post, in case u wanna know how it looks like.
* Illamasqua powder blusher.
* Estee Lauder double wear eyeliner.
* Fresh sugar lip treatment/tinted.


  1. Baby, you look absolutely STUNNING no matter what! Plastic Surgery for me I think is just making people look more beautiful, I dont go against it, eventhough I know some people do.


  2. Refer the before "original chichi" the plastic surgery still look good just the lips a little too big and it turn out not sexy lol and the chin no need plastic surgery =))

    1. hahaha funny!! yea yea I agreed with you!! :))))))

  3. You look beautiful in the first one chick! More friendly and approachable ^^ Don't ever put yourself through the pain!! haha