Monday, November 12, 2012

Turn your scarf into a vest! Wow!

Okay, so the title says it all! 
I'm going to show you how to turn your scarf into a vest!! 
and NO, you do NOT have to cut nor sew. None of that jazz. 

What you need: A long rectangle scarf. 
What I'm using for this DIY tutorial is a Gucci pattern scarf.

Step 1| pic 1: fold the scarf in half. 
Step 2 | pic 2+3: pick up the 2 ends of your folded scarf and tie a knot.
Step 3 | pic 4: open the fold and ta-da, your vest is ready. 

Photos of me trying on my scarf-vest below. Umm, I kinda like it! and it's super easy to make!!
More DIYs means less spending!! ~~

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  1. woa, co similar style for men ko chi

    1. mua cai scarf nao nhin men men chut' la no' thanh men style ah em. hehe