Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nyotaimori - Naked Body Sushi in Orange County

FYI, I've been wanting to try body sushi for years now. Ever since the day that I could eat sashimi, probably 8, 9 years ago. Finally, thanks to my bf for making it happen (: ! He said "we gotta go so you can blog about it"! Aww <3 

They decorated the place with 3, 4 white Christmas trees and some paper lanterns were hanging on the ceiling. The room is medium size with a few standing tables, 1 long buffet table for the models to lay on, a working station for the sushi chefs and a small stage for live entertainment. 

Left: Our tickets. Right: White Christmas trees in the middle of the room. 

Hard working chefs.

Left: Pretty girls working the bar.  Right: Building ceiling with turquoise lantern

My drinks: a whisky on ice, and a vodka with cranberry juice and 7up. I only took a few sips, they were too strong for me.

Left pic: Chef Vu- the guy behind this whole thing. Right pic: girl #1 and I. 

Left: Appetizers aka how much I thought I would eat. Right: what I actually ate. 

HAHA I kid. I also had 2 plates of sushi. The food was alright but I didn't expect much so I wasn't surprised. Their tuna was excellent tho! Good thing is no stomach ache for me, meaning their quality and cleanliness is pretty good.

Now, it's time for what you guys have been waiting for, or at least what I think you've been waiting for: The beautiful ladies - the soul of body sushi. I took some photos of them (duh!). I took some close up photos too (*evil laugh) for my own collection, but these pics are good enough for this blog, I hope hehe <3 I love how each of them holding 2 roses and the petals are so pretty on their body. So romantic~~!! Making me want to be a model haha (*poop oi oi oiii!!).

Girl #1:

Girl #2: look at her tattoo, so cool!

Girl #3:

Group pic: :)

Hope you guys like this post as much as I liked their tuna sushi!! woot woot!

*updated: email me at if you're interested in attend one of these Naked Sushi experience. The next event will be on the 13th of February, 2013 and in Orange County, California.


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