Monday, May 18, 2015

Balenciaga and Charlotte Simone shopping haul

I just received these goodies today!!! 
Love them so much. 

I've had many Balenciaga bags before and tend to get bored of them easily. But this one was just too cute and I couldn't resist. This is the mini one and the color is called Rose Berlingot. It looks so much prettier with gold hardware. :)) can't wait to wear it next time I go out. 

And the 2nd bag I got was the infamous Bonbon shearling bag from Charlotte Simone. I really love this bag in pink but I have lots of things in pink already so I picked the baby blue one instead. Actually, I might just eventually collect them in all colors. Why not right? 
Look at the lining of the bag, so super duper dreamy & cute... 

My photos do not do the bag justice so Imma show you an ad photo that I found online. 

Aren't they pretty? What's your favorite Bonbon?  

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