Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day weekend

how was your long weekend everyone? 
mine was very relaxing and a lot of resting. 
surprise, i didnt shop much this week. 
too many sales going on right now and i feel a bit overwhelmed. 
seriously, just dont know which sites and stores to shop from. 

Some pics from this weekend: 
I forgot what we did on Saturday because I had no pic in my phone. my memory is getting worse everyday. 

So this is from Sunday: wearing sweatshirt from banana republic, shorts from guess, fendi bag, swarovski and Aldo bracelets, 

and these photos.are from today. we had picnic at the park. while grandma was watching Bin, I went to meet up my sis for lunch at the new Boiling Point restaurant in Garden Grove. I hate their small tables, had a hard time eating my hot pot. 
anyways, what i was wearing: Celfie tshirt from Target, Mango jeans, Hermes sandals, and Fendi bag. 

so thats was my weekend.
time to sleep now.

good night :)

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